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Create. Read. Publish.

Tablet with Aa
50 hand-picked fonts to choose from
Google Photos and camera
Add images or take your own photos
Multimedia icons
Drop in video or music, or even record your voice
Use the pen tool to draw or annotate
Google Photos and camera
Use shapes, icons, arrows and emojis to express your ideas
Book layout options
Portrait, square, or landscape book layouts
Collaboration icon

Real-time collaboration

Students and teachers can work together seamlessly, across multiple devices, with real-time feedback.
Turn on collaboration and let your students work on a book at the same time! This only works in Book Creator online.

Discover Graphic Organizers

We have developed over 100 student activities and graphic organizers that allow you to maximise your lesson time and create engaging activities for your students.
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Example templates

Create with themes & templates

Choose from one of our beautifully designed templates to help spark creativity, save time, and focus on the writing. These templates are linked to academic themes spanning the breadth of the curriculum. Fun, engaging, and easy to use.
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The magic of AutoDraw

We’ve worked with the Google AI team to fully integrate the amazing AutoDraw directly into Book Creator.

Not the best artist? No worries! Simply start drawing the object you want and artificial intelligence will take over to suggest a variety of illustrations for you, from a library of thousands of professionally drawn shapes. Simple. Fun.

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The Ultimate Guide to Embedding Content in Book Creator

AppSmash your way to creativity

We love student voice and choice. You can embed all kinds of content into Book Creator - Google Maps, YouTube videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, code creations... you name it!

As well as embedding content, you can also access a host of 3rd party app integrations via the Book Creator App Store! Canva, Bitmoji, Giphy, 3D models and more...

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Add superpowers with comic templates and stickers

Comics can be an excellent writing stimulus for reluctant authors. Bring stories to life, or use the comic panels to plan or document a process. Or, just have fun with stickers!
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Tablet with Book Creator comic

Create. Read. Publish.

Create your class library

Each teacher gets 1 library with 40 books for free when you sign in at app.bookcreator.com.

Login as a teacher, then create your first library – you’ll get an invite code so your students can join. It’s as simple as that – a great way to organise and share your books.

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Read to me

Switch between edit and read mode with one tap of the Play button.

Book Creator has a fully interactive reader - turn the pages, change the layout, and here's the main thing - have your books read to you in any language! What's more, you can even choose to have the words highlighted as they are read.

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Create. Read. Publish.

The world is your audience

Students are more motivated when creating work for an audience beyond just their teacher.

With Book Creator you can export and share your book in any way that suits your classroom workflow.

Globe icon

Publish online

Get a unique, secure URL for your book so it can be viewed on any device. Play multimedia and turn the pages in your browser!
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ePub icon

Share the ebook

Export as an ePub file and you can share it with your favourite cloud app, classroom management tool, or by email. You could even publish it to the iBooks Store.

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Printer icon

Print your book

Choose PDF export and you have the means to print your book if you wish.
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Book Creator is compatible with:
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Google Chrome

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Microsoft Edge

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iOS 15+

Make sure you keep your versions of Google Chrome, Safari and Edge up to date to ensure Book Creator works. Please note that Book Creator for iPad is an independent, offline app, and requires iOS 15 or higher for the latest updates. The iPad app does not sync in conjunction with the web app. The web app will work on iPads in Safari or Chrome but will need iOS 14 or higher.

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