Book Creator Toolkit for Schools & Districts

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Unlock the full potential of Book Creator with this comprehensive new guide. We've crowd-sourced some of the best tips and ideas you'll ever find!

If you've been following Book Creator over the past 10 years you'll know that we regularly publish ebooks that gather together concepts, ideas and strategies for using Book Creator in the classroom. (In fact, our library of ebooks has been read hundreds of thousands of times!).

Our most popular book so far, 50 ways to use Book Creator in the classroom has been read over 97,000 times at time of writing. This was an anthology of ideas straight out of classrooms across the world. However, that book was published in 2018, and we felt it was time to publish something fresh for you all to get your teeth into.

Presenting... The Book Creator Toolkit for Schools and Districts!

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Top tips for techies

For this book, we wanted the focus to be as much on strategies for technology integrators, instructional coaches and library media specialists as it is for teachers. So we went out to our Book Creator Ambassador community and favourite districts and asked them directly for their top tips!

This book is 64 pages bursting with tips and tricks to take your classrooms to the next level. It's broken into key sections:

  • Identifying your champions - knowing which of your colleagues are the ones that instinctively support effective use of technology for learning. You could probably name a handful right away - and our admin dashboard can help you find others.
  • Integrating with the curriculum - Book Creator works across ELA, social studies, math, science and beyond, so we pulled together ideas spanning each of these areas. These ideas are ready to use today.
  • Network with colleagues - This section is all about leveraging relationships across departments - looping in your library colleagues, special education teachers, and collaboration across subjects and age ranges. Think about special events, competitions and campaigns to get teachers excited about technology.
  • Teacher training and support - You'll have your own tactics for assisting teachers you work with, but let us draw up alongside you and support you in supporting them.
  • Favorite features - Appsmashing, templates, and collaboration - our favorite Ambassadors share their favorite tools and techniques. What will you learn?
  • Communicate, collaborate and share - Ongoing communication between teachers, leadership, admins and parents is the key to successful implementation of technology. Delve into these ideas and resources to help you thrive in this area.

What do you think of this new guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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