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If you've been using Book Creator over the past year or more, now is a good time to take stock and perform some simple housekeeping activities to keep everything in order.

Archiving libraries

First of all, think about archiving libraries that you're no longer going to use. This will remove the library from use, and allow you to create a fresh new library. Any published books in your archived library will remain published online - so choose whether or not you still want them to be available to view.

Archiving a library

 How to archive a library

Setting up libraries for new students

From your Teacher Dashboard, you can create a new library. You can then grab the invite code and give it to your students. They will sign in with their Google, Microsoft or Clever ID, and then type in this code, and they're set to go!

Choose your library settings carefully to make sure you only give the students the permission levels you want for them.

 Useful links:

Library settings


Expiring the invite code

If you're not going to archive the library and will continue to use it, you should think about expiring the invite code to stop students from joining using the old code.

expiring an invite code

Removing students from libraries

You'll also want to remove existing students from the library, using the dropdown underneath the library title.

Removing users from a library

Create student logins (without an email)

If your students don't have email addresses, you can create logins for them that they can access with a link or with a QR code. Here's how you do that.

manage student logins

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