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Our latest update allows for more styling options in the text editor, plus special characters to support math and language learning.

Previously, the text editor was limited to bold, italics, underline and adding a hyperlink. Now, you can also:

  • Use Bold, Italics or Underline on individual words or letters
  • Change the color of words or letters (including hyperlinks - no more default blue!)
  • Highlight individual words or letters
  • Use bullet points or numbered lists

In addition to that, there are a number of special characters now included.

Click on the 3 dots to access Strikethrough, Superscript and Subscript (may come in useful in your math books).

New options in the text editor

And speaking of Math - do you see the math icon in the bottom of the text editor? Click on that to add a plethora of mathematical symbols and characters to your book.

Math symbols in the Book Creator text editor

As well as these math symbols, we're also catering for the language teachers among you too. Click on the other icon (the é) and you'll find an easy-access way of including foreign language letters and characters in your books.

Foreign language letters and symbols

What do you think of this latest update? Let us know in the comments below. Help us spread the word by retweeting our thread.

PLUS - learn how this latest update can be used to support literacy learning in the classroom.

Why color matters: Unlocking the magic of color in education

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6 Comments on “Feature update – more options in the text editor”

  1. Appreciate the bullet option. Thank you!! Are we able to use sub-bullet points, too. For example, can we use a bullet point underneath the traditional bullet point?

  2. Hi
    I am working with a large number of English Additional Language students and when I realized they could use speech to text by clicking on a text box, click on the microphone, choose their first language from the list and now speak in their own language and then translate to English, I was very excited…as were the students. But the translation option was only available in the free version and not the paid and today I worked in the free version and it wasn’t there either. Is it hidden? Can you help?

    1. Hi Tracey – that speech to text function only works in the language you speak, it is not a real-time translation feature. Sorry for the confusion! Maybe one day there will be a real-time translation available but that’s not currently how it works.

  3. Hi!
    Is it possible to highlights syllables of a word, that is being highlighted one at a time? I’m using the app for people with verbal dyspraxia, and they can se a video of my mouth saying the word at the same time as they can see the word.
    Regards, Birgitte

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