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This update makes it easier to assign lessons to your students in Book Creator. Just click and share!

Here's an update to make your day easier. In Book Creator, you can now assign a book and each student will get their own editable copy when they sign in. This means you can easily distribute a template book to your class with whatever content and scaffolds are needed and all your students have to do is open Book Creator to get started!

In the past, students would have to manually copy a teacher's book to start working on their own version. Now, this step is removed and a teacher can easily send a template to all of their students at once!

GIF of the process of assigning a book in Book Creator

Once you click the Start assignment button, a copy of your book will be made for whichever students you chose to assign it to. Note - these books will appear in your library straight away if your student is already logged in. Otherwise they will appear once the student next joins the library.

For more details take a look at the help article - How to assign books to your students

Some templates to get started?

The best way to assign books is to share the templates you have created - but don't worry - if you haven't made any templates yet we've got you covered!

You can browse all of the remixable books available in Discover and add them to your library. Take a look here:

A selection of remixable templates from the Discover section in Book Creator

Here are some suggestions for templates. Click the image to add it straight to your library!

Book Creator and Me Grades 3 - 5

Book Creator & Me

These starter templates will help you introduce Book Creator to your students. The full library contains five books that span Kindergarten all the way to grade 12, plus a teacher guide. Learn more about these templates.

Foundational Literacy

We have a foundational literacy library with a growing number of templates to help you teach literacy to learners of all ages and abilities. These are based on research into the Science of Reading.
My Digital Portfolio

Digital Portfolio

Use our Digital Portfolio template for a head start on creating your own learning journal for the year. Read our blog post about creating the perfect digital portfolio.
Winter Holidays Activity Book

Winter Holidays Activity Book

As we come to the end of the year use our Winter Holiday Activity Book to help your learners think about winter traditions and have some fun! Also see our Winter Holiday library for other ideas.

Create your own templates in Book Creator

Don't forget you can remix our templates before you assign them to your learners. That way you can differentiate the content your kids receive.

But if you're feeling more adventurous, feel free to use our template builders to create your own templates!

When you click New Book - switch the tab to the Templates and build page-by-page using our preset themes and content templates.

Templates in Book Creator

Toggling between template and blank books

Graphic organizers

You can also use the Graphic Organizers app in the App Store in Book Creator. Choose from more than 100 expertly designed graphic organizers, crafted by teachers, to enhance your students' learning experience.

Build templates that allow students to effectively organize and visualize information, plan their writing, solve problems, expand their vocabulary, reflect on their learning journey, and offer constructive feedback to classmates, all while utilizing our platform's multimedia and accessibility features.

Import your own templates

Alternatively, don't forget that if you have your own PDF or Google Slides templates - you can import them into Book Creator using the Import PDF function. That way you can repurpose old lessons and breathe new life into them by making them interactive in Book Creator.

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