Ambassador Spotlight: Janet Burnett — Pioneering the integration of tech in teaching

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Ambassador Spotlight - Janet Burnett

Education is a journey, filled with ups, downs, and moments of clarity. In this wide landscape of educators, Janet Burnett has a special place because of her dedication to blending technology with learning.

With over two decades in education, Janet's heart is in teaching, but she's equally enthusiastic about how technology can enrich learning. One tool she's particularly fond of is Book Creator, which aligns well with her vision for education.

Who is Janet Burnett?

Janet Burnett, from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, is more than just a teacher. She's a Technology Innovation Specialist, a speaker, a Google Trainer. In December 2023 Janet joined the team as one of Book Creator's Teacher Success Managers.

Additionally, she shares her knowledge as an adjunct professor at the University of North Alabama. A significant part of her role as an educator is helping K-5 teachers weave technology into their lessons.

And her expertise isn't limited to Muscle Shoals; educators from many communities value her insights.

Janet's work with Book Creator

One of the highlights of Janet's collaboration with Book Creator is her work on a partnership project involving Wakelet and Epic! Books. This initiative aimed to craft practical classroom resources using the strengths of each platform, keeping in mind effective teaching practices.

Here are her top three projects from this collaboration:

  1. The Three Little Pigs
  2. Winged Wonders: Bats
  3. Jack & the Beanstalk

What drives Janet’s inspiration for these projects? It's her personal belief in making learning relatable. She wanted to mirror the everyday lessons teachers give, enhancing them with the capabilities of Book Creator, Epic! books, and Wakelet.

Additionally, her webinar titled "Unlocking the Magic with Novel Effect & Book Creator" delved into the potential of merging sound and visuals to boost student involvement and understanding.

"Teachers have even been talking about how they would like to weave these connected practice ideas into stations next year and align them with the standards they are teaching each week."

Janet believes in more than just giving students content; she wants them to tell their own stories. By encouraging diverse ways of expressing understanding, she emphasizes creativity and communication – an approach designed to prepare students for our ever-changing digital world.


Guiding others on the learning journey

To Janet, education is more than just facts and figures. It's about creating spaces where students feel they belong and can lead their learning journey. This mindset shines through in her work, emphasizing student choice, diverse learning avenues, and integration of subjects.

Janet's work is a reflection of her commitment to inclusive, engaging, and student-driven learning. She sees technology, especially tools like Book Creator, as allies in making classrooms more interactive and student-centric. As we all navigate the evolving landscape of education, Janet Burnett serves as a guiding light, sharing her insights and innovative approaches with all of us.

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